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Rapper Jersey Fashion Report #3

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The rapper Fabolous wearing the Tune Squad Basketball Jersey from the movie Space Jam.


Fabolous wearing the Ray Finkle Football Jersey from the movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.


Fabolous gearing up with this fresh Willie Mays Hayes Baseball Jersey from the movie Major League.


Fabolous with Shaquille O'Neal's Neon Boudeaux 50 Western University Basketball Jersey from the movie Blue Chips.


Fab pulling the honeys with this Fredo Starr Shorty 1 Sunset Park Basketball Jersey from the movie Sunset Park.


Fab with Shad Moss (Lil' Bow Wow) wearing the Calvin Cambridge 3 Los Angeles Knights Basketball Jersey from the movie Like Mike.


Rapper Jersey Fashion Report #2

The rapper Fabolous wearing the Scott Howard 42 Beacon Beavers Basketball Jersey from the Teen Wolf movie.http://boriz-customs.mybigcommerce.com/teen-wolf-scott-howard-42-beacon-beavers-basketball-jersey/Fabolous wearing the Jesus Shuttlesworth 34 Lincoln High School Basketball Jersey from the He Got Game movie.http://boriz-customs.mybigcommerce.com/jesus-shuttlesworth-blue-lincoln-high-school-basketball-jersey-he-got-game/Snoop Dogg showing his patriotism with a Support Our Troops Football Jersey.http://boriz-customs.mybigcommerce.com/snoop-dogg-support-our-troops-usa-football-jersey/Master P wearing a White No Limit Basketball Jerseyhttp://boriz-customs.mybigcommerce.com/master-p-1-no-limit-basketball-jersey-white-new/

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Rapper Jersey Fashion Report #1

It was around May 25, 2015. The orders for the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Basketball Jersey were pouring at an intense rate. A few days later we finally figured out why we were getting so many orders for this jersey. We had found out that the Rapper Fabulous had posted pictures of himself wearing the [...]

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